High Power Lasers for Materials Processing


The 2017 edition is now available.
With a forecast horizzon 2025
Published October 2017
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The Optech Consulting market report


covers the markets for high power lasers
(lasers with an average power of 1 kW and above).

- Publishing date: August 2015
- Number of pages: 112
- Number of market tables: 33
- Number of diagrams: 11

The Report Offers

- Market data with unmet detailedness
- 33 highly detailed market tables provide by far more information than any other report
- Accurate market data based on numerous expert discussions worldwide
- Market forecasts based on thorough understanding of technologies and applications
- Indispensable information for operative and strategic decision making, merger & acquisition analysis

Years Covered

- Base year of market data:
    - 2015 (estimate)
    - 2014 (final)
    - 2013 market data given for comparison
- Market forecast
    - to 2020
    - full set of data provided for each year in between

Details on Markets

- Highly detailed breakout of market data and market forecasts:
    - Full cross segmentation by laser type and application for each year (2014 through 2020)
    - Data segmentation first by application and then be laser type
        - answering the question which laser type is used for a single application
    - Data segmentation first by laser type and then by application
        - answering the question which market segment is available for a specific laser type
- Laser types:
    - Fiber lasers
    - Disk lasers
    - Diode lasers
    - CO2 lasers
    - Further information on power class for each laser type
- Applications:
    - Cutting: three segments in detail (2D, 3D, tube) plus information subsegments
    - Welding: four segments in detail plus information on numerous subsegments
    - Other: cladding, hardening, cleaning and ablation

Market Data and Forecast by Units and By Value

- Market data by units
- Market data by value:
    - Market data by value is based on clearly specified currency exchange rates
    - The impact of the exchange rate shift in 2015 (USDEUR, USDJPY) has been taken into account

Suppliers and Market Shares

- Market shares and information on suppliers
    - High power laser revenues for all suppliers with a noteworthy market share
    - Profiles of all high power laser suppliers with a noteworthy market share plus for new entrants
    - Characterization of high power laser products of the major suppliers

End Markets

- Information on end markets:
    - Market breakdown by end industries
    - Market breakdown by type of system (machine) the laser is integrated in
    - Major clients for high power lasers (system integrators): standard systems, customized systems
    - Open and captive markets

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